Balloon Artwork Specifications

All artwork must be supplied according to the following specifications. If artwork is not submitted correctly you will be charged at Β£25.00 hour for our Design Department to make any necessary corrections. Below is a downloadable PDF template with guides on the printable area of a balloon (printable area is 125mm diameter)

Please send artwork to [email protected]

Screen Printing Specs 

If you are sending artwork to be used for screen-printing, we prefer vector type files. These are files that have been created in programs like Adobe Illustrator and are usually saved out as an EPS file. Make sure to convert all text to OUTLINES, as this will eliminate having to send us any font files. Simply selecting the text and choosing the “Create Outlines” selection under the “Type” menu can do this. It is very important that you do this, as we may not have your fonts on our system. If you are using another graphics program, please make sure all fonts are converted to “curves” or “outlines”. 

The software programs Adobe Illustrator (.ai) and Adobe Photoshop (layered not flattened)(.psd) are our primary graphics programs. All other graphics must be saved in EPS or PDF format. Web art is not suitable for printing because it is has a low resolution.

All artwork must be sent in black and white with a full colour version attached, as this enables us to create the film to produce the screens. Save each colour as a seperate layer with labeling to let us know the colour.