Posted: 2.01.2015

10 Simple Ways to Make Birthdays Extra Special

Oddly, it’s not the big, expensive presents that made birthdays special years ago; it’s the magical memories that stand out from my own childhood. We’re not talking those filled with Limo Trips here either (although I don’t think there were any of those in reality). What really stands out are the small things; a trip through the city to see the lights in the store fronts, hand-made puppets and cards, all the really, really small things. In fact, there’s nothing much in the way of material goods and services that do stand out! This goes to show that making special birthdays doesn’t have to cost a fortune and creating special memories can be incredibly simple. If you’re looking for ways to make that next birthday special, here are the top ten simple tips!

The Big Surprise

  • Either while they’re sleeping, or while they’re out at school, decorate your birthday boy or girl’s room with banners, streamers and balloons. If you do it overnight be ready for an ear-piercing screams of delight when they awake! If you’re doing balloons, a net filled with them to be dropped first thing works incredibly well (good at the end of parties too!).
  • While they’re madly bounding around in the bedroom filled with those balloons you should have time to add the finishing touches to the birthday breakfast table; a white table cloth, sparkles and bunches of more balloons and party hats – Personalised Balloons are ideal Table Place Settings and add that extra special touch.
  • Forget the healthy options for breakfast (birthdays only come round once a year) pancakes with icing sugar or any alternative version of your standard healthy breakfast should be allowed. Favourite drinks can be included too!
  • Ask Siblings, Cousins, Friends and Neighbours to make personalised handmade cards and have a stack of these on the breakfast table as a special surprise. Why not make one yourself too?
  • If it’s a school day – or even if it’s not – decorate the car to make sure that everybody knows it’s a birthday. Window or board markers wipe off easily, so “I’m 6 Today” and “Honk, it’s My Birthday” make the birthday boy or girl feel even more special than a luxury limo!
  • Add a lunch box note with a special message on the special day along the lines of “Hope you’re having the best Birthday”. If you’re not in the habit of doing these regularly this makes it all the more special.
  • Let them answer the phone with the line “Birthday Boy/Girl” speaking. Family and friends will be calling a lot and it has the added advantage of stopping most cold caller’s right in their tracks.
  • If you’re planning a day out or special trip for the birthday in question, let the recipient choose for themselves. You might have planned an (expensive) theme park but they may come up with a surprisingly (really, really surprisingly) cheap, alternative option.
  • Cake decoration is a fine art and if your frosted roses always turn out looking like exploding nettles or your delicate pipework looks more like something the Gas Board did then use this fact as an opportunity to get the kids to help. Cake decoration is colourful, messy and tasty. It was made for kids. Especially on birthdays!
  • Don’t fall into the trap of choosing, planning and executing a culinary miracle for the birthday meal. Let the birthday boy or girl choose. It’s usually fairly predictable and it’s nearly always cheap as chips. Actually, it’s nearly always chips.

So there you go, simple, inexpensive and easy to create surprises at the ready. It’s also a good idea to make some of these options into birthday traditions. Surprise decorating and specially prepared breakfasts with a party theme are usually very popular and have become firm favourites in many homes. The main focus is to make the day special for him or her! Most childhood memories come from the small things that we do for our kids, not the large, over-blown and expensive things. When it comes to cost don’t forget to shop on Online Party Shop for Birthday Accessories, including Party Hats, Treats and Balloons.