Posted: 30.11.2017

It’s Christmassss!

Christmas is well and truly upon us now and I couldn’t be happier about it! Today I want to share with you a few ways can use balloons this holiday season…

1) The obvious one – decorating your Christmas party! We have a wide variety of balloons, from luxurious gold foil balloons to red and green latex, we have something that will transform your room into a festive wonderland!

2) Do you have any special little people in your life that aren’t quite old enough yet to appreciate Christmas cards? Why not send them a personalised balloon in a box? You can write your Christmas wishes on the balloon along with a image of your choice, their face will light up when the balloon pops out!

3) Get creative! Bored of a traditional tree? Why not use air filled green latex balloons to build your own tree or suspend green and red balloons down the banister to create a garland effect! You could make a giant holy decoration using green paper and 5″ red balloons for the berries.

4) Feeling glamorous? Our clear latex balloons or giant bubble balloons are the perfect way to add some sparkle to your life! The clear latex look amazing filled with metallic confetti, or you could add some fine glitter and high float too them to make them super sparkly! The printed bubble balloons filled with a little gold and paper confetti look sophisticated with that added glitz we all love at this time of year, perfect to promote your brand!

Have a browse through our Christmas section of the website or call us today to discuss your ideas!
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