Posted: 25.06.2019

4 Balloon Display Ideas to Draw People In

Would you like to effectively promote your business in a fun and quirky way, without breaking the bank? Well, at Balloons Galore we have the solution you are looking for! We are going to go through some simple tips and tricks on how to effectively draw people to your corporate balloon display, all with the use of our products.

But, some might ask why is visual advertising so important?

Colour is one of the most powerful tools businesses can use, firstly it can influence our moods and statistically we process visuals 60,000 times faster than the speed of text. So, choosing the right colour to your design plays an all-important role, and can even require a psychological understanding of how each shade affects your visual design towards your customers.

Which leads us on to number one of our balloon display ideas:

Balloon Freebies As Well As A Balloon Display? 

Who doesn’t love a freebie? Anything that is labelled as “free” will always capture people’s interest and helps to ultimately bring people to your stand and drive sales. Give away some free helium balloons at your next event with your logo on, it’s great for brand awareness.

At Balloons Galore, we provide essential corporate balloons for this in particular, and within our range, we even offer balloons that are 100% biodegradable therefore don’t harm the environment, so you don’t need to worry about anyone turning heads away from your promotional choice. Our Biodegradable Printed Latex Balloons are provided in a large choice of quantities for you and are complete with a fun-size 12” diameter. Plus, you can even print on your own company logo and choose your own unique ink choice, meaning that you can create captivating advertising products that are unique to your company.

But, of course, you can’t forget about accessories. We offer a large variety of coloured cups and sticks that are easily attached to your balloons (And cost as little as 80p, what a bargain!)


Change Up Your Corporate Balloon Displays

Instead of just having the generic display that blends in with all the others. We provide eye-catching balloon arches that help to not only make your stand the best but also attracts people in with the use of just one simple advertising piece. Also, not only do we provide arches with colour themes, but we also provide a bespoke service which means you can add in your own personal colours and branding onto your own unique arch. Which is not only cost-effective but long lasting too!

Plus, we provide these to you in easy kits and you can even team up with our staff to come and help you with your build up. (Just imagine not having to worry about the amount of room you need in the car when you take all of your supplies with you to your event.)

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Promote With A Variation Of Corporate Balloon Types

From Latex Biodegradable Colour Print Balloons, all the way to Helium-Filled Bubble Balloons, we have an extensive range of different types for you across our website. So, instead of having just one type of balloon promoting your business, why not purchase a variety of different balloon types that will help to create captivating visual points to your corporate display and even make a statement theme to your stand.

Throughout our corporate range, we offer:

  • Latex Biodegradable 1-4 Colour Print – Perfect for laser sharp business logos, we create your artwork to the highest quality registration, to make your brand even more noticeable.
  • Foil 1-4 Colour Print – Known for its amazing range of colours to choose from, all our foil balloons are made with high-quality mylar and even have a self-sealing valve, so you don’t have to worry about any deflation. We even offer a bespoke shape service for larger quantities.
  • CMYK Biodegradable Full Colour Latex – Available to you in a high choice of colours and your own corporate logo, message or slogan. Everything is printed with an HD printer and fully meet client’s needs.
  • CMYK Full Colour Foil – We are the only company in Europe to offer a full-colour print service on 18” coloured foil balloons, all used with cutting edge technology.
  • Helium-Filled Bubble Balloon – Long lasting and perfect for any event. Our bubble balloons are delivered helium inflated in boxes and a choice of decorative fillings are available to you too.
  • 2ft & 3ft Biodegradable Latex Balloons – Effectively helping to create an impact to your corporate display, our 2ft and 3ft balloons can be printed in 1 colour up to 4 sides.
  • 3D Foil Cubes & Diamonds – Offering a promotional tool that differentiates any other, we offer detailed photo quality printing with no minimum order quantity.

Balloon Sculptures

If you are looking to create an even larger impact than branded balloons, then you might be interested in the choice of balloon sculptures, which we personalise to the exacting standards for your business.

And, by balloon sculptures, we don’t mean a basic shape, we mean to the extent of having your business name created with just balloons alone!

With our unique sculptures, we use intricate techniques and time to create perfect creations for you. Firstly, we will need to discuss exactly what type of balloon that is going to be used, and most often with more intricate sculptures, we would call for more thinner varieties of the balloon. Next, we require the means of inflating the balloons themselves, however, lungpower alone will not get the job done, not even with a regular all-purpose pump. Instead, we will use a specialist pump if required, which can inflate one balloon in a matter of seconds. Then finally, with all our choices and materials put in place, we can then begin creating your sculpture, which of course is bespoke to your business.

If you or your business have any other particular requirements that you are interested in but haven’t seen throughout this blog, then feel free to browse across our whole range! We also offer accessories such as bunting, banners and even more types of balloons within our bespoke range. Plus, feel free to contact a member of our team today, we can help you with any requirements you are in need of.