Posted: 24.01.2020
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Fun Party Games You Can Play With Balloons

Party Games

Depending on what type of balloons you get, they are not too expensive, which gives you the perfect opportunity to use them in a fun way to keep kids entertained, especially when used to create Party Games!

Balloons can be used for games in Summer or Winter, so overall they are a win-win. 

We have come up with some fantastic fun Party Games that you can play with balloons, which are guaranteed to keep children and adults entertained all year round. 

Keep The Balloon in The Air

This is a traditional game that keeps children, and adults on their toes! All you need is some inflated latex balloons and lots of people, you can then compete against each other to see who can keep the balloons in the air the longest. 

To make the game a little more competitive, you could get into two teams and then stand in a circle holding hands, when everyone is ready, throw the balloon in the air and then the challenge is on to keep the balloon in the air. 

Balloon Colour Pop

This is a simple game to organise, simply divide the children into teams, and then give them a bunch of inflated balloons in different colours. Then, on your marks go… The first players in line for each team must run and get one of the balloons, bring it to the chair and sit on it until it pops. Once the first person has popped their balloon, they have to run back to their team and then the next person can go, and so on. 

*It is important to remember to stay safe with this game.*

Balloon Race

If you are looking to tire the kids out during the holidays then balloon races could achieve this. So, let’s discuss how a balloon race is done! Each person has an inflated balloon between their knees, they then need to run or jump to the finish line without dropping the balloon – Sounds fun right? 

Balloon Painting 

Balloon painting is as simple as it sounds, blow up a few latex balloons and then let the children paint their pictures on the balloons. Balloon painting is great for rainy days during the holidays and can be such fun! 

Collect The Balloons 

Last but not least, collecting the balloons is great for tiring the kids out after a busy day, blow up several balloons and then place them on the floor. Then decide on a time limit and then send the first player into the balloon pile to try and collect as many as they can in one trip. Repeat this for each person and then whoever has the most balloons left at the end is the winner. 

Overall, there are many games you can create with balloons, the most important thing is to remember to have lots of fun! 

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