Posted: 30.07.2019

5 Ways To Keep Children Entertained During The Holidays

For every parent, it is always a struggle to come up with constant ideas that will keep the children entertained throughout the long 6-week Summer holidays, without leaving you out of pocket at the same time.  However, in this blog, we are going to provide you with amazingly interesting ideas to keep up the fun and laughter, for both yourself and your little ones.

So, if you would like to find out more, carry on reading to find out some useful home hacks for the children, whilst also being on the affordable side too. Because let’s face it, we can’t rely on the weather from time to time!

Get Out of the House

With the weather very on and off recently, it is important to get out in the sun as much as you can. During the holidays, there may be lots going on in your local area that you and your family can enjoy, so keep an eye on local websites and tourist information centres so you can find out what is happening.

Having Fun at Home

If the weather isn’t great, then there is plenty you can do with your family indoors. Take the opportunity to spend some time playing your favourite game or watching a funny film. Whether you are in the garden or in the house there is plenty you can do, so no one is left bored.

Children love BALLOONS – involve them!

Having six weeks off is definitely a reason to have a celebration, so why not hold a fun-filled balloon party, where your children and their friends can endure in lots of fun as they play with the variety of balloon colours and types you have. Or, how about you transform your balloon decorations into fun and innovative games? Here are a couple of game ideas you can choose from.

Name Pops

Firstly, you ask each person to write their name onto a balloon (It is always a good idea to provide everyone with the same coloured balloon to make the game fair.) Then, toss them all into the middle of the room, and set a timer for 30 seconds, and have the kids stomp and pop as many balloons as they can. When the time is up, the players whose balloons were popped are out of the game, but for the players whose names are still in, then stomp again for another 20 seconds. Keep repeating this for short intervals until there is one balloon standing, and whoever that is, will be the winner.

Balloon Catch Dance

Have all of the kids gather together and pass a balloon around as they dance to the music. But, when the music stops, the player holding the balloon needs to call out the name of another player and toss the balloon in the air. And, the players whose name is called out must try and catch the balloon before it hits the floor. Although, if they fail, then they are out of the game. Continue to repeat the steps for several rounds, until all, but one player has been eliminated, and they will be the winner.

party decorations

Find more fantastic balloon related games here. We hope you find our ideas useful and enjoy your holidays!