Posted: 1.12.2010

Accessories – Up Up And Away – Such Wonderful Magic

The Helium gas to inflate the printed latex or foil balloons whether printed or plain comes in cannisters which vary in size and hold different amounts of the helium according to the filling quantity requirements. We order these for you and they come direct from our Supplier Air Products.
They will deliver and collect from an address of your choice. They also deliver a brass filling kit which can be just for printed balloons foils or latex or in most cases is a universal one.  The canisters are on hire for 1 month so there is plenty of time to use all the gas up at several events.

We also now offer a disposable cylinder, these seem to be the lastest cost effective and easiest way to have your gas. They will fill 25 x 18” foils or 40 x 10” latex balloons.

The latex balloons when filled with helium will stay afloat for 8 – 9 hours and the foil balloons will stay afloat for 1 week.  The choice is yours depending upon budgets.   Call us for expert advice.  01455 284422

Helium gas is a compressed gas in high concentrations.  It should never be inhaled but is a non toxic substance. It is called the balloon dancing gas..

We offer for sale 5 different sizes of canisters.
The Micro will fill 200 x 10” latex, 125 x 12” and 125 x 18” foil.
The small will fill 290 x 10” 165 x 12” and 180 x 18” foils weight 12kg
The medium will fill 575 x 10” 330 x 12” and 360 x 18” foils weight 25kg
The large will fill860 x 10” 495 x 12” and 535 x 18” foils weight 49kg
The jumbo will fill 1000 x 10” 620 x 12” and 625 x 18” foils weight 76kg

Helium gas is a vital requirement to make the promotional balloons float, look their best visually and can also be handed out as attractive and  useful advertising. The logo can be viewed from all angles.

You will see foil balloons now in Major High street stores where they use them for promoting a specific area or a sale event.  We have been informed by many of our clients that their sales have increased because of balloons and they have now added them into their advertising budgets.

If you have the balloons for a balloon race, we can print the tickets with your special logo or message at slightly extra cost or sell you the normal race ticket.  These are a vital aid and can be sold to give back some or more of the outlay.
Read our next blog for info re Balloon Releases/ races and decorating with the wonderful little colourful friends.