Posted: 7.04.2022
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All You Need to Know About Biodegradable Balloons

Biodegradable Balloons are the Future!

When purchasing balloons for an event, birthday party, wedding or any other occasion, have you ever thought about what happens to the balloons after that event, where it goes and where it ends up?

There’s no denying that many businesses and customers feel the pressure to make more conscious choices when turning to more eco-friendly alternatives, and that includes businesses like Balloons Galore who want to provide the best options for our customers. 

With our eco-friendly and biodegradable balloons you don’t have to worry, and can choose to make that eco-conscious choice.


What Are Eco-friendly Balloons?

Eco-friendly balloons, also known as ‘biodegradable’ balloons are made from 100% natural latex, which is responsibly sourced to provide businesses, event planners and customers with balloons – so they are basically an environmentally friendly alternative to a regular balloon. Latex balloons are created with biodegradable latex rubber material, which is a totally natural product that comes from the sap of the Hevea Brasiliensis (simply a tree that grows in very warm climates).

So, our environmentally friendly balloons are simply tree sap that’s been moulded and dried. This then means that if you are doing balloon releases and our balloon products are exposed to the world for a long period of time, then the oxidation will help them to break down, which happens within the first hour of inflation. 

All of our latex balloons here at Balloons Galore are 100% Biodegradable. 


Colourful ballons


Swapping to Biodegradable Balloons 

With the popularity of balloon releases increasing at events, parties and weddings, you’re going to have to look for a better, environmentally friendly alternative. The good news is that there are plenty of biodegradable options available, so you can celebrate guilt-free. Biodegradable balloons only take a few months to break down, unlike others that take years to decompose. 

If you want to really go that extra mile, then here are some alternatives to balloon releases.

Alternatives to Balloon Releases for Parties & Events

There are so many different alternatives to balloon releases that you can do at any event, party or wedding. Here are some ideas that you can incorporate into your day:

Floating Flowers – the reason that some people do balloon releases is to ‘let go’ of something or someone. Another lovely idea to let something go is with floating flower releases, letting them go down a river or stream.

Plant a Tree – another gesture that you can do to celebrate something, or do something in someone’s honour is planting a tree, or flowers. This gives a true circle of life feeling, and also something super fun to do with friends or family.
Bubbles – blowing bubbles is a great way to release feelings and can prove to be quite therapeutic. This idea is a great way to keep the little ones busy at parties and events too.

If you are looking to order some balloons for your wedding or any other event, browse our wide range of balloons here. Alternatively, if you have any questions please get in touch with our team of experts today on [email protected].