Posted: 13.09.2019

Baby Shower to Baby Sprinkle

The ever growing popularity of the Baby Shower has developed a ‘new’ cause for celebration.

While a Baby Shower was created to effectively ‘shower’ the new parents with gifts, love and priceless wisdom.

A ‘Baby Sprinkle’ has been dreamed up to still celebrate the impending arrival of a new baby but for second(or third etc) time parents.

The gifts are intended to be much more useful for the experienced parents (which I think are equally as exciting to receive in either case) ‘sprinkle’ gifts are inclusive of essentials like nappies, wipes, muslin cloths, vests etc.

As I mentioned before, the point of the shower is not solely for the receipt of gifts, they are thrown to celebrate the new life about to join us in this world and of course, help the parents too, as the expense of a new baby is high.

Either way, there is no rule to what can be purchased for the parents and baby, so if you’re due to attend a shower soon, of any variety, we have a variety of gifts you could take a long with you.  Click here to go direct to design your own Bubble Balloon.

No celebration (in my opinion) is complete without balloons after all. So whether you are holding a Baby Shower  or even a gender reveal shower where you gather all of your family and friends together at once to make the announcement, we have all you could possibly need to decorate your venue available here at Balloons Galore.

As always, the lovely staff in the office are available to take your call should you wish to discuss your options. The website is super easy to navigate around mind you.

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