Posted: 15.06.2018

Balloon Games!

The Great British Summer is upon us and with it comes church fetes, garden parties and barbecues to name a few! Balloon games inject fun into any occasion so read on to make your summer parties the best!

Balloon tennis

Using paper plates and wooden lolly sticks, create tennis rackets. Blow up some balloons with air and you are good to go! Hit the balloon back and forth keeping it off the floor for as long as possible!

Protect your balloon

Great game for groups of 5 or more. Give each child (or adult!) a balloon and a length of string, approximately a metre long. Have them blow up their balloon, tie it to the string and tie it around their ankle. The aim is to protect their balloon while trying to burst everyone else’s by stamping on them! The person with the last inflated balloon wins!

Water balloon fight

A classic! Fill latex balloons with tap water, tie in a knot and prepare to battle. Create boundaries, safe zones and refill stations and let the fun commence!

Balloon Grab

Blow up lots and lots of balloons, and scatter them all over the floor. Give the guests 2 minutes to gather up and hold on to as many balloons as they can. The winner is the person holding the most balloons when the timer stops.