Posted: 21.01.2011

Balloons Have Wonderful Uses – Eyecatching Shapes, Breathtaking Colours

Our In house Decorator Artyloon is a well known and respected member of staff.  Her independent business is called upon for some extremely complicated and sophisticated work.  Her customers contact her with massive promotional balloon projects and she quotes them accordingly.

The promotional balloons are supplied by us, as the quality must be 100% for her decorating purposes.
We obviously stock millions of balloons mostly latex but foils as well.
If they require printing before use we then must follow the same procedure that we use for our normal printing. Artwork is supplied in a PDF or Illustrator CS3, our Graphics department will resize this to 125mm diameter for latex printing and  230 mm dia for a foil and send the client a visual for approval.  At this stage balloon colours and inks are chosen and we liaise with the decorator as to her exact requirements. Once approved, a positive is made and the job will be processed into the factory for printing.  The lead times are very important, obviously event dates are strictly adhered to.  Once the printed balloons have been through the processes required including drying they are then given to Artyloon for her magic work to begin.

If the decorating job is a sculpture, our decorator Victoria will have a dummy run.  We are privileged to see this as our large factory is the ideal area for constructing some of the massive shapes required

One of these projects was…Solly the Lion – a beautiful sculptured lion to open the Special Olympics, it was set up in the Highcross Centre Leicester, to welcome all the athletes and their families.  Artyloon had been approached by the Highcross Event Organiser, had quoted a competitive price and this together with the portfolio of exceptional work she had done in the past, clinched the deal. .. we saw a mock up of several versions of this sculpture until she perfected it.

As you can tell, great efforts are made to organise this whole event but the rewards are many.  Self satisfaction, advertising for her decorating business and contacts made for further project orders.

Please give us a call on Balloons Galore 01455 284422 and we can speak to Artyloon for you or call her direct on 01455 283848.
More spectacular projects in next blog..