Posted: 29.01.2018

Carbon Footprint

Here at Balloons Galore we do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint. It is more important than ever to reduce our emissions where possible, here are a few ways that we do our bit:

Sourcing from Europe
Our balloons are manufactured in Europe and then sent in bulk via road to ourselves in Leicestershire, not only does this ensure we are getting the best quality, but it means we do not have to air freight stock from the far east. Planes produce far more carbon dioxide (CO2) than any other form of freight transport.

Printing onsite
Everything we print is done onsite, nothing is outsourced. So whether we are printing 1 balloon or 1 million balloons, its all here in the Midlands making it quick and environmentally friendly.

Leaving the cars at home!
Marcus is lucky enough to not live too far from work, so every day, come rain or shine he is on his push bike cycling to work! Jedd also skips the traffic and braves the elements by walking too and from work, a great way to keep fit and help the planet.

All of our office waste goes to a sorting center, so anything that can be recycled is! We also reuse all of the cardboard boxes that we receive deliveries in.

The 1 cup kettle
Its a well known fact that boiling more water than you need is a huge waste of electricity, our kettle boils 1 cup of water at a time meaning we never waste a drop.