Posted: 19.11.2019

Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping or indeed for any special occasion can be super stressful, so how do we do it?

 Even in this digital age, research shows that the majority of the populations Christmas spending is still in-store Christmas shopping. The reason I think that people choose to purchase that way still is because it offers immediate gratification. People also see stores as being a better destination to get good customer service and it is also seen for some as a more enjoyable experience, becoming part of the Christmas season tradition.

Whilst I consider myself to be a last minute Christmas shopper, shopping from November onward, lists created on my electronic devices and in my mind. I am aware that many people choose to shop much closer to Christmas, some even on Christmas Eve, a crazy, mad dash around the stores with their lists and a strong drive to complete their shopping before the stores close and their deadline is upon them. 

As exciting as I could see that being, I would also consider it being extremely stressful and disappointing too should I not be able to find the perfect gift OR if in fact it was out of stock, but then I guess I’m just not that easy going 🙂

I like a mixture of the two, I enjoy browsing the web for the best deals and like many, check for voucher codes (which don’t always work by the way) and purchase the odd item from online retailers. I do enjoy going shopping on a set day in December, getting the majority of my shopping done on that day, thus leaving me at least a week to order and have things delivered that may not have been available in-store.

There are some people I know, that have ALREADY COMPLETED their shopping lists!? I honestly can’t compute that, how someone can be THAT prepared? Incredible! Hats off to you guys!

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Our last order date will be 20th December this year, with our (Express) deliveries running via DPD until 23rd December. Be sure to order in plenty of time to avoid disappointment!