Posted: 12.01.2011

Client’s Supreme – But Any Project Can Be Problematic..

One of our larger clients, who had blessed us with their promotional balloon order last year and the year before were TESCO.  Through a very influential promotional agency we were asked to quote and supply Printed Promotional Balloons, 18” Foils on this occasion, and then book decorators for their hundreds of stores all over the country. Ireland to Lands End!

The Blue foils were expertly finished and 10 were packaged together with 10 plain foils and sent to the decorators to make into a 20 foil arch over a doorway or opening to their in store mobile phone shops.

It was intensive searching, vetting and ordering techniques, together with attention to detail and dates, which allowed this project to go smoothly and effectively.  Despite the fact that date changes were frequent, totally unexpected and frustrating, these problems were sorted.  We at Balloons Galore have a reputation for our attention to detail and perseverance.  It was an immensely fun Project allowing our Customer Service expertise to be taken to the limit.  Some lovely decorators were contacted and now they also use us for printing for their customers printed balloons.

The foils were blown up using helium and affixed to a filament line, tied so not to spin and finished off with a weight at either end.
The effect was tremendous, a brilliant promotional tool, drawing customers into the mobile phone shops, within the Tesco stores.

Many pictures were taken and used as examples of the sheer expertise that a decorator has obtained through training and hard work.

Small problems were overcome such a metal gerders in the way,  phone shops that were still a building site until the last minute and escalators that were so high a trapeze act was required to put up the arch.   The weather also played its part in making the situation worse,  air – conditioning units or heaters  near the arches made the helium balloons go down.  But all problems were sorted and our Customers requests adhered to 100%.  The Customer was more than happy and that makes us satisfied.
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