Posted: 8.12.2010

Colourful,Bright And Bouncing – What a Joy And They Are Even Biodegradable

Latex balloons are made of Latex rubber, this is a totally natural product that comes from the sap of a tree that grows in very warm climates.  The latex balloon breaks down when exposed to the elements of nature.  Basically, they are just rubber tree sap which moulds and then is dried.
Tiny amounts of non-toxic colouring is added to the sap to make them the beautiful colours you see today.

Printed Latex balloons do not harm wildlife, there have been a very few cases reported when the balloon has been ingested by turtles accidentally but they have passed through their digestive system.  The latex and the dyes used in colouring are non toxic.
Oxidation is the the first step in the breakdown of the latex balloon and it begins within approximately one hour of inflation.  Oxidation is visible as a cloudy appearance.  This happens when it is exposed to sunlight, heat or normal outdoor conditions. Studies indicate that the decomposition time is about 6 months.

If you walk through a wood or park you will find cans and plastic litter everywhere but not balloons. When they go up into the sky they travel up about 5 miles, and with little or no pressure and cold air, the helium inside expands past the ability of the rubber to keep it in and it shatters in very small fragments scattering back down to earth over a very wide area.  If 500 promotional balloons are released, those that don’t explode scatter enough so one balloon would fill an area of fifteen square miles joining other wood chippings and natural materials to decompose.

It is probably the case that balloons actually found in wildlife or on our beaches were carelessly disposed of by people and not mother nature.
Latex Balloons Made of Natural Rubber Latex (nrl) and are completely Biodegradable.
Natural Cultivation Provides Jobs in some of the Poorest Regions of the World and helps towards the
Prevention of Tropical Rainforest Deforestation.

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