Posted: 14.01.2011

Customer Tales and Exciting Foils

Each Customer is treated individually and given our utmost attention and patience.   We are able to quote in many different formats for promotional printed balloons and offer our expert advice as to colour schemes and timings.  Our Graphics lady uses her brilliant techniques to change, re-shape, re-colour and enhance the logo or wording required to print on the balloon.  The first visual impact is essentially the most effective so colours of the inks and balloons must be chosen wisely.

Our longstanding Charities are very particular about the pantone shades for the balloons and inks as they have to match corporate colours almost 100%.  Usually their fundraising campaigns involve bagging in 10’s, this can be time consuming and we must ensure that there is not even a slight error on any of the balloons as everyone counts.

We do have some strange and wonderful requests, balloons that can be filled with perfume bottles for a large campaign.   They were going to throw them into a swimming pool but we were not even sure that the bottle would not perforate the latex and that they would float.  Their trials proved fruitless.  Balloons that can be filled with a little light. Now this can be done.  Printed balloons are a must for promotions but there are also so many different foils on the market that can enhance, excite and even seem unbelievable :  Dazzle balloons (shining with a glitter effect), singing balloons “so happy together” “You are my sunshine” brighten up any event or special occasion you just press the button on the balloon weight.  Spanish slogan balloons, foils with an all over portrait on them “ a masterpiece”,  the breast cancer awareness pink ribbon which so many of us now know. Patriotic Majestic Eagles, sports balls and love and romance bears.  Basically a balloon will “Say it with a Message” with such visual impact nothing can beat it.

Give us a call anytime for advice, a quote or just a general chat, we would love to hear from you.  Balloons Galore 01455 284422