Posted: 4.12.2015

DIY – Balloon Baubles

With Christmas fast approaching why not get festive & creative and make your very own ‘Balloon Baubles’?

Just follow these 5 easy Step by Step instructions

What you will need:

  • * Balloons (remember that different sizes of balloons will create different sized baubles)
  • * Thread or String
  • * Granulated Sugar and Water or Glue and Water
  • * A Pin
  • * Saucepan and Spoon
  • * Balloon Pump

Step One

The thread or string is stiffened with the sugar and water: Take equal parts granulated sugar and water and using the saucepan slowly bring to the boil, make sure to stir constantly.
When the sugar is dissolved, remove form the heat and allow to cool then transfer to a container. As an alternatively you may wish to mix glue with a little water.

Step Two

Inflate the balloon using the pump to required Bauble and tie.

Step Three

Place you thread or string in the sugar (or glue) mixture then gently wrap around the inflated balloons.
Once your balloon is fully wrapped, set aside and leave to dry completely.

Step Four

When your Balloon Bauble has dried completely use the pin to pop the balloon! 

Step Five

Peel the burst balloon away from the hardened string – Your Balloon Bauble is now ready!

Top Tops

* Use different coloured string to suit your Christmas colour scheme!
* Why not make a garland of Balloon Baubles to decorate your room?