Posted: 9.07.2015

DIY Balloon Craft – Mini Balloon Pinatas

Summer is here & everybody loves a Garden Party or Family BBQ.

Do you want to be creative & show off your craft talents to your family & friends? Follow this simple steps to make your very own Mini Balloon Pinatas!

What you will need:

    1. 10″ Latex Balloons
    2. Laundry Starch Spray
    3. Thin Strips of Coloured Tissue Paper
    4. Scissors
    5. String
    6. Sweets

Follow our simple instructions to make your own:

    • * Gently inflate your 10″ latex balloons with air until they are the size required – You can order your 10″ latex balloons from the Balloons Galore Online Party Shop
    • * Rest you balloon in a glass or bowl with the tied knot facing upwards
    • * Spray the balloon with laundry starch spray
    • * Layer the thin pieces of the coloured tissue paper onto the balloon so that it is covered leaving only a gap at the top where the tied knot is
    • * Leave the balloon to set until the thin tissue paper has hardened
    • * Once it has set, carefully pop the balloon
    • * Now the tricky bit! … Carefully cut away the tissue paper at the opening to make a long thin opening rather than the rounded one
    • * You can now carefully add your sweets inside your Mini Balloon Pinata!
    • * Using your string, tie a loop large enough for it to hang down the side of the balloon
    • * Slide the top part of the string loop into the balloon and across the hole
    • * Spray the remaining tissue pieces with laundry starch spray and cover over the hole so that the string is embedded
    • * Leave to harden and set
    • * Once set – your Mini Balloon Pinata is ready! These make ideal favours for table settings!

Top Tips – Use coloured tissue paper to suit your table/scheme

Why not add name tags or gift tags on to your string before you make your loop? 

Why not look at our varied range of Pinatas available to purchase on the Balloons Galore Party Store