Posted: 22.12.2018

Fun Party Games You Can Play With Balloons

So many of our balloons are used at a party and one of the most popular party events we cater for is a birthday party. The more sober or younger events prove successful when great games are played so let’s look at our top suggestions for balloon party games!

  1. Balloon drop – Place a large number of balloons inside a sheet or net. Let the balloons go over the heads of the party goers. The winner can be most of a colour collected, tokens inside collected or simply who can catch or pop the most.
  2. Surprise Pop – Place prizes inside a selection of balloons the winner can be the collector of the most prizes or the player that catches a falling prize.
  3. Catch a balloon – Use either a paper funnel or a pillow slip or bag. Furthest away from launch or balloon dropped from the highest point can dictate a winner or prize.
  4. Balloon tennis – Use a paper plate or cardboard paddle to bat the balloons from one side to the other. Chairs or tables can form the nets.
  5. Balloon hockey – Cardboard sticks can be used to push the balloon pucks into goals made from small nets or cardboard boxes. Perhaps this needs a large room.
  6. Pass the balloon – Use a snake of people to pass the balloon from one end to the other utilising people as the obstacles. So through the legs then over the head of your neighbour when a balloon is dropped it triggers a restart.
  7. Balloon and spoon racing – Carrying an inflated balloon over a set distance can prove difficult. Enforce the no touching rule and force a restart for dropped balloons.
  8. Keep the balloon moving – Or keep the balloon up. Don’t drop the balloon.
  9. Balloon painting – Paint faces or animals on balloons prizes for effort and the best or prizes for all.
  10. Balloon tag – Age and agility may be a factor here but those who feel active enough can chase down opponents with a balloon or balloons tied to them. Either burst the balloon or take it from your opposing team.

We hope this has given you enough balloon party games for your upcoming event. Hopefully you will have tons of fun entertaining your guests with our ideas.

So now you have your games planned, it’s time to get those balloons ready! Of course at Balloons Galore we provide a vast selection of designs specifically for parties and special occasions of all kinds. From bubble balloons to balloons for birthdays, alongside our balloons for baby showers and more! Whatever type of party you have planned, we can supply the perfect balloons for your event!

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