Posted: 17.10.2022
Birthday cake and decorations

How To Organise A Surprise Party – Balloons Galore

Throwing a surprise party can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, but knowing the right way to organise a surprise party can help reduce the stress of planning. Here are some of our top tips on how to plan a surprise celebration for friends and family.

Pick a Party Theme 

You wouldn’t have a party without a theme, this is a great place to start. You’re going to have to think outside the box for your surprise party theme, depending on who you’re throwing it for. It doesn’t have to be anything too special, even if you go as simple as hanging some personalised balloons around your venue. 

Choosing a party theme idea for the surprise party you’re organising can then help with the dress code for guests, party decorations and even invite décor.

For the environmentally friendly option, why not also look into biodegradable balloons?

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Choose Your Location

The location of your surprise party has a bigger part to play than you might think. You should be able to set up your party without the celebrant knowing what you’re doing – so nothing that screams ‘party’ too obvious. Choosing a location where the guests can feel comfortable and get to easily would be the best combination for a surprise party.

If you plan on throwing a surprise party at home, this might be a tad more challenging because you have to hide the celebrations from the special guest. But if you can do it right and pull it off, planning an at-home surprise party could be really rewarding and special for the guests. 

Guests List & Invitations

Whether you plan on organising a big surprise party, or just an intimate family and friends get-together, you’re going to need to work on a guest list –  but it is super important to keep the surprise a secret! 

You can create invitations and send them out, or skip the physical invitations completely. With social media becoming more popular you can create a group or send round invitations through a text or a message. But if you do create a group to invite guests then make sure it’s set to private – you don’t want your special guests finding out about their surprise party before it’s even happened!

Get Supplies & Decorations 

Now that you have a rough idea of who is coming to the surprise party you can think about food, drink and decorations. If you are serving food and drink it’s important to note down and keep track of any allergies. Organising caterers and making sure they have enough time to prep and set up is ideal, you don’t want them setting up your food mid-way through the ‘surprise’ moment. 

Surprise parties are fun, because of the element of surprise for the special guest whether it is a birthday party or other celebration. As the surprise party organiser, you should treat it like any other party and need to think about decorations, balloons, fun activities and any goodie bags you want to provide the guests with. If you really want to plan a surprise party with a bang, why not hire a photo booth too?

Whether you are looking for personalised balloons, printed latex balloons or balloon numbers you can find it all here at Balloons Galore. Don’t forget, if you’re having a bigger surprise party or business event we also offer corporate balloons to which you can add a logo, message or slogan to reflect your brand. 

The Surprise 

If you want to make this party something to remember you can add some more surprise elements into the mix, which could be a surprise gift or even a surprise guest that they’ve not seen for a while.

Surprise Party Cover Stories 

A weekly routine – if your special guest has a normal routine each week or an activity they do every week without fail, this could be a way to cover up your surprise party plans. This approach keeps it super simple for you and your special guest won’t second guess what they do each week without fail. Do they have a book club on a Friday afternoon? Plan the surprise for when they’re home.

Small celebration – this might sound crazy, and a little against the idea of throwing a surprise party, but tell your guest that there is a celebration happening. That way you can talk about the party, but the little dinner with your friends that they think they’re having will actually turn out to be a big celebration with all of their family and friends there. The sneaky, but easy option, so you don’t have to worry about letting anything slip.

Celebration for someone else – if you are really bad at keeping surprises, this could be another way to hide your plans from them. Convincing your special guest that the party is for someone else and not them is perfect, just make sure they’re dressed nicely and ready for a.. ‘surprise’!

Balloons Galore can help make your surprise party that much more successful by helping with your party decoration needs. If you want to use balloons at your surprise party find out more information in our latest blog All Your Need To Know About Biodegradable Balloons.