Posted: 18.02.2011

Just To Remind You Of Our Services

As it has been a long time since we started blogging to you all. I would like to remind you of our services.   We have been in business now for 26 years and the story of balloon printing, techniques and general advice and guidance slips off of our tongues with ease.

Latex is a totally biodegradable substance and is therefore ideal for use as a balloon which is, and has been for many years now, an excellent source for promotions, parties and decorating purposes.

We do not have a maximum printing quantity, the more the merrier, as the same screen is used whatever amount of promotional balloons are printed.  This silk screen is archived for use again if the client wants another batch. The total print area for a latex balloon is 125mm dia and for a foil balloon 130 mm diameter.

We can print up to 4 colours on 2 sides of a latex balloon and up to 10 colours on both sides of a foil balloon but although from time to time we will try and put a photograph on a balloon, we leave that to the printers who specialise in this.

The choice of balloon colours is extensive, fuschias, purples, lilacs, silvers,golds, brown, bronze, cool greens and dark dark blues..

We are here waiting for your calls to quote you and tempt you to use us at Balloons Galore for your printed balloons as your promotional aid.  You can be working to budgets and we will help to cut prices for you.  If you have clients and have to add on your own percentage, you will see that our prices are competitive enough to do this.  We will prepare for you a balloon visual, using the logo or artwork supplied in a PDF or Illustrator or even an EPS.  With this type of format we can resize, shape and present your logo to its best advantage.   We will liaise via email or telephone to ascertain the exact accessories that you require, delivery addresses and any special instructions.  We will take payment as a personalised item cannot be used by any other person and then process into the factory.

A silk screen is about 12” x 10” and has to be made in a special darkened  room, using liquids that can be flammable and toxic. . One screen is required per colour of logo, so 4 colours 4 screens.  Each colour is printed onto the balloon separately. When the screen is embellished with your wording or logo, it is permanent until eventually it is washed out in a very strong solution.  Our factory workers have to wear gloves, safety masks and ear defenders at all times.  Noise from the machines can be a problem though but it helps to have the radio on at least number 17 to drown out the air pumps which are blowing each balloon up individually before they are printed upon.  The ink trays are filled with the required pantoned ink and the ink is pressed through the silk screen onto each balloon.  They then go around the conveyor and the air is sucked out. They then drop into a bin and collect in 100’s until they are put into the dryer to dry and make the ink permanent.  At this stage, they shrink back to their original shape.
Then the final work begins…  followed on next blog.

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