Posted: 19.08.2015

Last Summer Bank Holiday 2015

The last Bank Holiday Weekend of Summer 2015 is nearly here!

At Balloons Galore we have some fantastic ideas on how you can enjoy it

Perfect game ideas for a Hot Summer Day – Water Balloon Fight!

You may just want to fill a pool with water-filled balloons, split into a few teams and let the water war begin or as an interesting alternative you might like to play a game of ‘Water Balloon Darts’

All you need for the game is:

  • Balloons – filled with water and tied
  • String & Pins
  • 1 piece of wooden board
  • Darts

1 – Simply tie the string around the neck of the balloons & pin all over the wooden board. You can use as many or as little balloons as you like.

2 – Once all of the balloons are attached stand the board upright.

3 – Take it in turns to throw the darts to pop the balloons. You may want to have teams or use certain coloured balloons for extra bonus points

Top Tip: For an extra messy game you can use paint instead of water!

If you are looking at just having a quiet BBQ with family & friends then we have a perfect way for you to keep your drinks cool!

You can fill latex balloons with water and freeze them!

Fill your drinks buckets with the frozen balloons to keep your drinks nice and cool

If you are looking for a way to entertain the Children then a book of stickers and a pack of balloons is the way forward!

Children can design their own ‘Balloon People’ and spend hours with the stickers making little balloon families of their own.

They can be creative by using ribbon or crepe paper streamers for hair, googly eye sticker for wobbly eyes & felt tip pens to draw on patterns!

However you plan to spend the last Bank Holiday of Summer 2015 we hope you enjoy it!