Posted: 11.02.2011

Logos With Immediate Impact And How To Achieve This

26 Years in Business – Give us a Try..Over the years we have used many different logos and images on our balloons for clients.  Sometimes they provide the exact image they require replicated but more often than not, they ask us for our professional advice as to the best possible way to present the printed logo for maximum effect and wow factor.

If the logo is sent to us in a PDF, our Graphics Lady will work with you and resize, redraw, re colour and edit the wording accordingly.  Sometimes this can be a quick simple achievement but there can be the case where the client will change and change and be fussy and change again.  We are always aware though that the customer is always right.  When it comes down to promotional balloons, we know our trade and they know what they want!  So it works perfectly.  Our Graphic Department can put the logo or wording on as many balloon pantone shades as required, these visuals can be most beneficial for the client to help them make vital decisions as to the final statement required to enhance their business, promotion or event.  The final printing area being 125 mm.  Or 130mm for foils. Sometimes if the logo is a cut out, then the balloon colour shows through and is extremely effective, other times a block of colour can be just as good. Choosing the logo can be exciting but seeing the finished product is better.  The economic climate at the moment lends itself to promoting and there can be no better and more cost effective way than balloons.
They also cheer up the dull days we are having…

We have no maximum printed balloon quantity, we can print thousands of printed balloons in quite a short time.  The more you have, the better the prices,  and the latex ones can always be stored in a cool and dark place to keep them in pristine condition for staggered use or at several events.

The balloons make the promotion exciting, interesting and have a visual impact that cannot be beaten.

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