Posted: 29.04.2016

Meet The Team – Jedd


Are you wondering who the people are behind Balloons Galore?
Over the next few months let us introduce the Balloons Galore Team with a quick Q&A!
Name: Jedd
Job Role at Balloons Galore: HD Digital Printing Manager
Best Bits about your Job: Printing high quality balloons & helping Customers
Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite Balloon: Dazzleloon
Favourite Party Shop Product: Toot Sweet
Favourite Hot Drink: Tea
Favourite Cold Drink: Ribena
Favourite Food: Chinese
Favourite Chocolate Bar: If it’s sweet, it’s good enough to eat!
Favourite Film: Saving Private Ryan 
Favourite Book: Bravo Two Zero
Favourite Band/Artist: David Bowie & Foals

What has been your best life moment to date?The last 12 months, getting married, going on the Honeymoon & snowboarding with my Brother & mates
What 5 items can you not leave the house without?
Keys, Wallet, Tobacco, Lighter & Phone
Where would your dream holiday location be?
Either the Islands in Micronesia or a trip to the edge of space!
How would you describe yourself?
Witty, Impatient, Loyal, Adventurous, Polite & Confident
How would your friends describe you?
Always wanting to do something, Outspoken, Always wanting to be outside doing an activity …. Oh & sexy!!