Posted: 28.09.2018

New Product – Printed Garlands!

Bubble balloons for corporate events are becoming very popular, they make a huge impact whilst being stylish and sophisticated. We have a huge range of filling options including confetti or mini balloons to go inside of the bubble balloons. You can pick from a variety of colours so the bubble confetti compliments and enhances your brand.


The front of the balloon at eye level is where your logo will sit, but we wanted to give you more branding options on the bubble balloons. The ribbon that connects the balloon to the weight is very versatile. Our standard option for this is a garland, this is made up of circular pieces of paper in colours matching the confetti inside the balloon. After some testing, we have perfected the printed garland!


We are so excited about this product, not only does it give you more space to advertise your company it also allows for partnership logos or sponsors brands to be incorporated into the balloon. We can print anything from text to a full colour design on the garland!