Posted: 8.12.2017

DIY Glitter Balloon Bowls

These DIY balloon bowls are so easy to make and look beautiful when finished. They are perfect as a tealight holder,somewhere to store bits and bobs, or just to add some sparkle to a room!

All you need is some fine glitter, PVA glue, latex balloons, a paintbrush and a bowl. Follow the below steps to make yours:

1. Mix the glitter and PVA glue in a bowl until you get a paste like consistancy
2. Blow up your latex balloon, how big you blow the balloon will depend on how big you want the bowl to be.
3. Hold the balloon by the neck, with your paint brush start layering on the glitter.
4. Leave to dry by placing the neck of the balloon in a cup or bowl so nothing is touching the glitter.
5. Once dry, pop the balloon and gently peel the latex away
6. Enjoy your creation!

I hope you enjoy making these whether its on your own, with friends or with children over Christmas!