Posted: 3.07.2021
Birthday ballons

Our Top 4 Event Balloon Decoration Ideas

Corporate events are professional, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go a little bit crazy with your decorations. The best thing about decorations is that you can use them at any occasion so they can be reused. 

Balloons are the perfect way to give your event the “WOW” factor. As simple as displaying balloons on a table can add height to any venue and create a sense of atmosphere. At Balloons Galore we are proud to be able to offer custom colour, branding and bespoke projects for our clients. We have put together our top 5 event balloon decoration ideas. 


Personalised Balloons

Personalised balloons are an amazing way to promote your business and are used at many corporate events, but all businesses are different so you will still stand out. Here at Balloons Galore we can print anything onto a balloon, whether its a logo, slogan or your contact details. 


Balloon Tableware 

This may sound simple and sweet, but adding a balloon display to your tables can make a massive difference. Tableware is perfect for those events that are also going to involve a sit down meal for example, our balloon displays are simple and cost effective. You can choose the colour, type of balloon and whether you would like it personalised. 


Balloon Arches

Are you looking to make your event stand out from the crowd and beat your competitors? A balloon arch is a decoration that is usually used to decorate an entrance, it is a unique and over the top decoration that draws attention at your event. Simply choose a balloon of two or three colours which complement each other and then together make a gorgeous arch. 


Balloon Backdrops

Balloon backdrops are such a unique and pretty balloon decoration, which also takes very little effort in creating. All that is involved is a load of balloons and curly streamers, blow up the balloons and then attach streamers with tape or rope and keep going until it takes a backdrop shape. 

Balloon backdrops are perfect for events as they can take up any unwanted space as well as creating a gorgeous photo opportunity for you and your guests.

Here at Balloons Galore we take the time to understand your business needs, no matter how big or small. We do have a minimum order quantity for our balloons, these vary depending on the type of balloons. Please get in touch to find out more information about our event balloon decorations.