Posted: 31.05.2018

School Leavers Balloons!

Summer is just around the corner and for many that means breaking up from school for 6 weeks of summer! Before we get to that though, there will be a few big events for teachers and students alike!

There is a lot to celebrate at this time of year, and a lot of people to thank. Whether your child has completed there first year of school with a amazing teacher or you are on the prom committee and in charge of decorations, we have something to help you go that extra mile!

Thank you!

Teachers are great and at the end of each year many people like to show their gratitude and thanks to a teacher. A balloon in a box is a great way to say thank you to your teacher, you could club together with your classmates and put a picture of you all on the balloon or maybe list the reasons why your teacher is the best on the front.

Well done!

Exams will soon be coming to an end which is a great reason to celebrate! Show your child how proud you are with a surprise balloon bouquet ready and inflated for when they get home.

Party time!

Prom season is upon us and balloons are a fantastic way to take your school hall from assembly in the morning to disco at night! If you need to keep costs low why not buy some stock balloons, fill them with air and tie them to curtain poles, or if you are feeling a little more extravagant giant balloons add serious wow factor.


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