Posted: 23.08.2022
Kids with Balloons

Schools Out For Summer – Keep Your Kids Entertained

Summer holidays are well underway and we know this might be a dreaded six weeks for parents however, it doesn’t need to be. With several weeks left of summer, there are a lot of activities that the kids can be getting on with.

Party Games

Is it really the summer holidays without party games? We think not!

Depending on the type of balloons you choose to purchase, they aren’t usually too expensive, which will help you use them to keep the kids entertained for a long time, especially when used for party games. Balloons are a win-win as they’re perfect for all occasions, in summer and winter. Party games are guaranteed to keep children and adults entertained and out of trouble all year round.

Balloon Colour Pop 

This is luckily a very simple, inexpensive game to organise. When playing balloon colour pop all you need to do is divide the children into teams, and give them a bunch of inflated balloons in different colours. The first players for each team must run to get one of the balloons, bring it to the chair and sit on it until it pops. Once the first person has done this, everyone in the team will then take their turn, and whoever’s team is the quickest wins!

Balloon Painting

As simple as it sounds, all you need to do for balloon painting is blow up a few balloons and then let the children paint their pictures on the balloons, they don’t have to be anything special, encourage them to be as creative as possible. This is a great activity for rainy days during the holiday and can be such a fun group activity. 

Pass The Parcel

Pass the parcel can also be played with a balloon, but the object of the game will change. Wrap a medium-sized balloon in layers of gift wrap and pass it around the circle whilst the music plays. When the music stops, instead of unwrapping a gift, the child who is holding the balloon must unwrap a layer of the paper without popping the balloon. Once a child has eventually popped the balloon, the game ends. 

Water Balloon Fight

On a hot day, there is nothing better than a refreshing water balloon fight, fill them up with water and throw them at each other. However, it’s important to make sure there are some safety rules in place, no aiming at faces! Once you’ve helped the kids get started, get out of the way and let them have hours of fun.

There are many games and activities you can create with balloons, and the most important thing is to make sure you and the kids are having fun. 

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