Posted: 19.01.2011

Talking, Emailing or Posting That Is The Question?

Our Customers come from many different sources and from all over the world.  Our phones are constantly ringing.  They can be well  known customers, or new ones who have googled our site, been impressed, and phoned for advice or a quote.

We can offer a verbal quote for promotional printed balloons or an emailed quote.  We offer advice and balloon samples and to prepare a visual free of charge if they wish. They can then see what a wonderful visual impact balloons have when used as the promotional tool.   Our longstanding customers have quotations for their customer’s and as  they are top promotional Clients  we have to be competitive, so enabling them to add their percentage of profit on.   Customers who come direct are therefore in a better position costing wise.  We have never- ending stream of emails, requesting costs and advice and from clients who we are dealing with already to finalise their orders.  These queries can be re colours, inks, quantities delivery dates and times. These keep us very busy..

We also occasionally use the fax machine when all other technology fails..

We in the Sales Department post out packs with all the Balloons Galore details on and include samples of our printed latex balloons as well as our printed foil balloons.  We email all our clients who have asked for quotations and politely follow up the quotes with further help.  If we lose out re price, we can also be more competitive if approached with a firm order.

Samples of all colours are requested and sent the next day as large promotional companies have to match up the pantone shades exactly to the customer’s requirements. Heli valves and cups and sticks are also sent as samples so our customers can choose whether to fill with Helium gas or Air.   Call us Balloons Galore 01455 284422

If we have any requests for decorating with the balloons, we of course recommend our wonderful talented, decorator Victoria Cooke.  She is at present auditioning for Come Dine With Me complete with foil balloons which she is blowing up for the occasion.  ARTYLOON 01455 283848