Posted: 28.07.2022

The Ultimate Party Guide

From garden parties to children’s birthday parties in the local village hall, they aren’t easy to organise, we all know that. If you have the big task of planning a party this summer, but just don’t know where to start, we’ve put together the Ultimate Party Guide to help you get started.

Location, Time & Date

It’s important to figure out when and where you’re wanting to host your party, keeping in mind any budgets you have and who you’d like to attend your party. You don’t want to choose a location too far out if all your guests are local. Once you have determined the time and date of your party it’ll make it easier to choose what food you’re going to serve. 

Party Theme 

Whether you are hosting a birthday, anniversary, engagement or gender reveal party, it would be ideal to have a theme for the occasion. This is usually the most fun part, however it can also be the hardest when it comes to organising a party. To help you pick a theme you can look for party decor inspiration on Pinterest to find ideas you’ll love. Once you’ve chosen the theme for your party you can start picking out your invitations. 


Now it’s time to decide how you’re going to send out your invitations, and whether you’re going to send them digitally or get them traditionally printed. Usually, a good time to send your invitations out is a month in advance, or even sooner to make sure that all of your guests can attend. Whether you are sending your invitations out digitally or by hand, you might want to match them to the theme that you have chosen for your celebration.

Food & Drink 

Based on the time of your party, you can then decide on the menu. Unless it’s a small event, we’d recommend finding a caterer to make the day a bit easier. It is usually recommended to organise the catering a month before, so you can make sure you get exactly what you want. Catering may sound like a really expensive option, but most of the time isn’t and means you can relax a little more during the day without the stress of having to cook everything yourself. 

The most popular option for food and drink at the moment is a charcuterie, also known as, a ‘graze board’. This is a great option and means you can cater for a variety of different people, whether that’s children, adults, vegetarians or vegans, these low-maintenance food options can make your party that bit less stressful.


Are you thinking about having any activities at your party? If you’re hosting a kid’s birthday party or a baby shower, it might be a good idea to plan some activities to keep your guests entertained. These activities may differ depending on your party guests, but pass the parcel is always a favourite! Whether you decide to plan some activities or not, be sure to make a music playlist to play in the background. 

Balloon Decorations 

You can purchase all of your party decorations from us at Balloons Galore. 

Personalised Balloons

If you are celebrating someone or a special occasion, personalised balloons work quite well to add a finishing touch to the decor. You can choose the style of balloon you want, from bubble balloons to colour foil balloons. Use our online customiser to add photos or text of your choice to your balloons. Personalised balloons would be great for the welcome sign leading up to your party, it’s a great way to direct people to you on the day.

Occasion Balloons

You can also add some plain, simple balloons to your decor, and we have plenty to choose from. Our bubble balloons with confetti filling are great for all occasions, choose your colour scheme, bubble design and add your text to make it fit right into your big party. 
If you need any advice on the type of balloons to have at your party, get in touch with our team of experts who can guide you in the right direction.