Posted: 14.12.2018

Top 10 Occasions To Have Balloons

Balloons are so versatile that it seems hard to come up with a top ten list of occasions for which you would use them. We cater for hundreds of parties and events every week, that makes it even harder to pick. Whatever your event we think that we have the right party and occasion balloon for you. In the end, our top ten was all very evenly ranked so much so we could have easily drawn up a top hundred. Here goes our top ten.

  1. Birthdays, first birthday, 16th birthday, 21st birthday, 40th and 50th birthday.

Those special occasions when you want to put on an extra show. Balloons add colour, help create themes and give the party boy or girl something to take home at the end of the night. A little reminder of a special event for days to follow.

  1. Births and all things maternity, congratulations on the baby, welcome home mum.

Newborn balloons add something striking to a card of congratulations. It is a little gesture that marks the celebration in style.

  1. Valentines, happy valentines, be my valentine.

Making a statement via a balloon tells your loved one exactly how you feel – and there is no mistaking that feeling. A twist on the traditional chocolates and flowers – a Valentines balloon will make them feel loved for days to come.

  1. Anniversaries, happy silver wedding, golden wedding, ruby wedding.

Lots of different styles and colours to make all of those essential anniversaries. If you are struggling to find a present for those special occasions a balloon enables you to pick something they really want and recognise the traditions of the day with an appropriately coloured balloon.

  1. Weddings, just married, congratulations.

You cannot have a wedding without balloons. How will the rest of the world know what is going on if your event isn’t filled with tasteful balloon displays? They add depth to the ceremony and the evening event would look bare without their appearance on mass!

  1. Corporate events, our brand, our logo.

You can really add an extra level of punch to your exhibition stand with balloons. Let your prospective clients know how to find you by floating balloons high above your stand or adding a real presence to your area. A very cost effective way of making an impact in a what is increasingly a very competitive and creative space.

  1. Product launches, trade events, expo, trade shows

Another arena that is perfect for balloons. Product launches and trade events need to draw a customers eye. A selection of colourful balloons or an entirely themed stand will engage their attention and work well alongside a colourful stand.


  1. Engagement parties, congratulations.

Brighten up an engagement party and overwhelm the lucky couple with a big statement. Balloons are a cheap way of showing how much you care and transforming a simple space into a statement space.

  1. Hen parties, L plate designs, rude choices!

Warn people you are coming with a range of designs perfect for hen parties and stag do’s. Throw in a few rude choices and you have a night to remember!

  1. Retirement parties, best of luck with your retirement.

Retirement parties could be a sad farewell or a boozy send-off. Whatever the message paint it out with balloons and make that person feel extra missed.

Don’t worry if your event is not listed here. We think we can cater to any balloon event and just love balloons. Our personalised balloon section is ideal for adding an extra ouch and transforming any event to a memorable one.