Posted: 1.04.2015

Top Ten Easter Crafts to Inspire

Easter is a time of year which can be hugely improved by crafts. After all, you’re often assembling the entire family and schools throughout the land have closed their doors for an entire fortnight. What better activities could fill that time? Fortunately, the internet is able to provide aspiring crafters with some much-needed inspiration. In this article, we’ll take a tour of some of the most inspiring crafts from across the net.

Yarn Egg

Our first entry sets a high bar for those that follow. It consists of a lot of dried string forced into the shape of an egg. This striking effect can be achieved using little more than a balloon, some string and some glue; simply tie the latter two items around the former, leave to set and then pop! You’ve created a unique Easter decoration and you’ve done so using very little time and effort.


Papier-Mache Easter Eggs

Papier-Mache is something of a dying art. Fortunately, there still exist people like Seattle-based blogger Megan, who has created this instructional blog detailing exactly how one might create charming papier-mache Easter eggs, complete with tiny little chicks. You can cram these with the treats of your choice and then offer them as gifts. Children and adults alike will have great fun smashing them to its and looting their sugary contents.


Origami Rabbit box

Origami is not an art form we traditionally associate with Easter, which is what makes its marriage with the season in this next entry so refreshing. This box allows you to store a sizeable horde of Easter goodies using only a single piece of paper, folded to form an animal using the ancient Japanese art of origami. Of course, the season dictates that this animal be a bunny. It is guaranteed to impress your friends and family, for the price of a sheet of coloured paper.


Egg-shaped candles

We could find few Easter crafts more charming, nor more endearing than these egg-shaped candles. What could be more emblematic of Easter than the egg? Fortunately, nature provides a perfect egg-shaped mould for a candle. You need only empty an egg, thread a wick through the resulting shell, and fill it with wax in order to create a charming source of light for all of your Easter festivities. You can find detailed instructions on how this might be done here – though we should attach a warning: hot wax is potentially very dangerous and so children attempting this craft should be closely supervised and help should be given through the sections which might result in them burning themselves.


DIY Crème eggs

The crème egg is one of the more popular egg-shaped pieces of Easter confectionary. So much so, in fact, that they are enjoyed throughout the year – not just at Easter. That said, this much-loved snack has come under threat in recent years, following the acquisition of Cadburys by American food behemoth Kraft. The recipe has been changed – much to the chagrin of long-time crème egg aficionados.

Fortunately, the internet has allowed to resist this change and, thanks to this Instructable, afforded us with a way of creating our own crème eggs from the comfort of our own kitchen. Moreover, this allows us to make the eggs in any size we like and in any colour.


Grass-head eggshells

Growing and maintaining a tiny plot of grass will provide a child with an introduction to the fundamentals of botany, as well as furnishing any household with an endearing decoration. These ones come equipped with googly eyes and brightly-coloured noses, which will mean that kids will love them.


Easter Wreathe

We’re all familiar with Christmas wreathes, but Easter has developed no such equivalent – that is, until now. Crafts blogger Kelly Innes has come up with this charming wreath, modelled, of course, after the Easter bunny and its creation requires only a polystyrene wreathe, some fabric and some glue.


Bunny-rabbit finger puppets

Not only are these finger puppets utterly adorable, they can be made in a very short space of time, and with very few materials. They can be crafted from felt and embroidery floss, using only a little bit of needlework. The precise method is explained in exquisite detail in Pearl Bee’s excellent tutorial.


Easter nest

Another classic Easter recipe comes in the form of these nests, comprised of chocolate-covered cornflakes and mini-eggs. They can be made simply and quickly using over a handful of ingredients – and therein, we suspect, lies the secret of their enduring popularity. If you – or your friends and family – do not particularly like corn flakes or mini eggs, then don’t despair. If you are so inclined, you can be flexible on the ingredients, picking only the foodstuffs which appeal to your palette. You can find comprehensive instructions on how these can be created here.


Homemade chick pom-poms

Chicks are almost as synonymous with Easter as the eggs they hatch from. This particular decoration, courtesy of crafts blog ‘More Style Than Cash’, is as cheap and effective as one might expect from a blog so titled. Kids and adults alike will delight in creating these chicks – and even better, they’ll spend very little money in doing so.


Ready-made options

For those that aren’t particularly inclined toward crafts – or those who lack the time to invest in them – there are always ready-made options which will liven up any Easter celebration. This foil balloon, for example, is available for a modest sum and will provide some much needed seasonal cheer to all manner of Easter events. Also available is this rounder variant, which bears the image of a variety of egg-shaped flowers.


If you’d like to add a personal touch, but you don’t wish to get your hands dirty, then Balloons Galore provide a service which will allow you to submit your own balloon designs. This will allow you to flex your creative muscles without having to resort to long pieces of string and PVA glue. If you’re planning a particularly large celebration, then this just might provide a tempting option.