Posted: 2.02.2011

Top Tips For Purchasing And Using Promotional Balloons


If you were to choose a very experienced Printer, they are likely to have a wealth of knowledge and can offer you the most competitive prices. The website is the best place to search for a printer and if you just type in Printed Latex Balloons or promotional balloons you will soon find a few leads. You can then ascertain by one telephone call the type of service you wish to receive.  Calm, reassuring and helpful advice with a good professional manner.  Customer service being of top quality is a must.
Once you have decided on an event date, as this is the most important thing,  the printer will work to this date without fail. Then call or email for a quotation to make sure that it fits in with your budgets.

During the quotation you will be asked to make several choices of  latex or foil balloon colours and the size of your balloons.
You can have your promotional balloons printed in up to 4 colours on both sides but the price will increase the more colours you have.  You will be given advice as to costings, choice of colours, how to fill the balloons and offered accessories to make your event successful.  Artwork will be requested in a format so a visual can be prepared for you (free of charge at Balloons Galore) making the most of the printing area.  You can then see exactly what your chosen image will look like.  At this stage you will have been tempted to purchase printed balloons, as the visual impact is  powerful and balloons are a much used and trusted promotional tool.                      

We will process your order into the factory.      A silk screen is made
and inks to your specified pantones are mixed and used in the large, noisy and hardworking machines. Your requirements will be totally assessed and given great attention to detail..  The balloons must be correct.    If you have chosen to helium fill your balloons so they float then you will have been given advice on how to fill,  how heavy the tanks are and of course how much.  If  budgets are very tight, you can air fill. Your venue will be discussed as a decorator can be used if a professional effect is required, although anyone can use promotional balloons themselves.  Either way,the finished product will look fantastic, will certainly enhance your event and advertise your business like no other promotional item can do.  Everyone loves a balloon.

Give us a call soon to discuss further how you can achieve the perfect printed Balloon to obtain maximum impact and sales. Be guided by us..
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