Posted: 31.10.2018

Visual Promotion Ideas with Balloons

We process visuals 60,000 times faster than the speed of text. 90% of the information that the brain processes are visual.

The importance of visuals is a key aspect for any business or event. One of the hardest things businesses will encounter is building up their brand awareness and spreading the word.

In essence, companies are focused on bringing branding to life in a way which appeals to the target audience … and who doesn’t love balloons?!
You may just be picturing your favourite character printed onto the side of a balloon or a bright array of colours decorating a room, however, balloons can be so much more than that, bringing together and showcasing a company image in a way that is not only digestible but also can be easily tailored to the situation.

Whether you are thinking of decorating a launch party or simply want to get in front of your customers, with Pantone matched colours a printed balloon could be just the ticket – ensuring a print that perfectly matches your brand and a flexible visual tool.
Read below for our top ways to integrate balloons into your branding strategy and begin imagining the solution for your next corporate activity/event.

Brand Re-launch
If you are looking to relaunch your brand with a new look, and feel to your visuals then a tangible display could be just the ticket to getting your latest look in front of the right people.

In a crowded exhibition hall you want to be more than just printed flyers and display boards, give yourself an edge with an eye-catching display which from giant confetti-filled balloons through to foil helium balloons, can be perfectly matched to your brand and stand.

A parade is all about being the brightest and boldest decorated platform. Tailor your order with colours and balloons of all shapes and sizes to keep your charity or business in the mind of the crowds. Better yet, balloons make great handouts and can be printed with your slogan, message or pictures.

Product Launches
Bring a new product to life; balloons make the perfect place to show off a new product feature, USP or look, with printed designs as well as 3D and sculptured balloon options adding that extra touch.

New Office Celebrations
Celebrate a new office, headquarters or storefront in style; think balloon archways and colours to attract people and point the way to your new base.

Fundraising Events
Marketing material doesn’t have to stop at business, fundraising is a time to pull out all the stops and shout about your cause to raise awareness of not only your money raising event but also the charity you are supporting.

We’ve heard of word of mouth but with visuals and imagery taking a more and more prominent position in our society why not have other people help spread the word of your business with a walk-away gifting balloon.

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