Posted: 19.01.2018

Wedding Balloon Ideas

Using balloons on your wedding day needn’t look like you are using your 3 year old nephews left over birthday decorations to jazz up your venue. Balloons have evolved a lot over recent years and are now an easy way to add a classy, whimsical feel to your special day. I’ve put together a few of my favourite ways to use different balloons on your wedding day.

Table Decoration
Flower center pieces and candelabras are lovely, but they can ruin the conversation on a table if the people across from each other can’t see who they are talking too. Instead, go for a helium filled bubble balloon. You can easily tie them into your theme by having them filled with confetti in your colours or have them printed with wedding date and couples names. By having them on a long piece of ribbon, it opens up the table for the guests whilst bringing the decor to another level. 

Dance Floor Back Drops
Helium filled letters are a cost effective way to decorate your dance floor. Whether you want to spell “LOVE”, yours and your partners names or maybe the date you have tied the knot. They are a versatile way to personalise your venue.

Step away from the norm and opt for something different to accompany you and your bridesmaids down the isle. An oversized balloon gliding behind you as you make your way to your partner is a magical way to start the day! 

For The Recessional
Sparkler tunnels are a super popular exit from the ceremony, and yes, they look great on Instagram, but the reality is the bride is probably wearing a lot of tulle making her extremely flammable! Break away from this trend and go for a dramatic balloon release instead. Simple pearl balloons will look so elegant as they float into the sky whilst making a beautiful scene for your photographer. Our latex balloons are biodegradable so there’s no worries that you are damaging the environment!

I hope this has been some help, get in touch if you want to discuss any ideas!