Posted: 12.01.2018

Promotional Balloon Gifts

We are half way through January and what a start to the year it has been! One of our first jobs this year has been a promotion for a product launch. Printed latex balloons are often used for promotions, they are great to hand out to the public or to decorate an event, however this time our client had a different idea…

They approached us with the idea of sending out inflated foil balloons as gifts to influential social media personalities/platforms. I instantly loved this idea, is so personal and fun and thought this will definitely make an impact. The balloons have been printed with the companies message and logo, along with other foil balloons in colours and designs to compliment the logo’s and form a beautiful balloon bouquet, to finish the bouquet there is a giant foil letter balloon, matching the initial of the recipient.

Our client also wanted to add a gift with the bouquet, so sent all of the gifts to us to package individually with the balloon bouquets. Once the personalised gift was in place, the specific foil balloon bouquet for that recipient was inflated with helium and carefully added into the box. It was then sealed and sent out on a express next day service with our courier.

The end result was unique and brilliant, the perfect way to let the nation know about their new product!