Custom Corporate Foil Balloons

Our foil balloons are available in a wide choice of colours, and all are made from high-quality Mylar and have a self-sealing valve. You can choose Round, Star or Heart Shape foil balloons. Balloons Galore are the only company in Europe to offer a Full-Colour Print service on 18” Coloured Foil Balloons. Using cutting-edge technology, we can offer our clients detailed photo-quality printing with no minimum order quantity.

Benefits of custom corporate foil balloons

Unlock branding opportunities with custom foil balloons

Custom-printed foil balloons provide a powerful branding tool for your business. With our full-colour print service, you can showcase your company logos, colours, and slogans with stunning clarity. Each balloon becomes a glitzy star-shaped (or heart-shaped) billboard, creating brand visibility and recognition at your corporate events. 

Incorporate company logos, brand colours, and slogans

By customising foil balloons with your company’s logos, colours, and slogans, you create a cohesive and professional visual representation of your brand. With their eye-catching appeal, custom corporate foil balloons increase brand recognition and visibility. They draw attention and create a positive association with your company. These balloons become ambassadors of your business, reinforcing your brand identity and leaving a lasting impression on event attendees. 

Create memorable and cohesive decor

Custom foil balloons add a touch of elegance and excitement to your corporate events. They create a cohesive feel and can tie together your whole theme or decor – a shiny, floating cherry on top. They leave a lasting impression on guests. Whether you’re organising a conference, gala, or product launch, these balloons enhance the overall ambience, making your event memorable and engaging.

Elevate your corporate events with custom corporate foil balloons and unlock the benefits of effective branding, increased visibility, and a truly unforgettable atmosphere. Contact us today to discuss your customisation options and make your event shine with our stunning foil balloons.

Endlessly customisable corporate foil balloons

When it comes to versatility and customisation, custom-printed foil balloons are unparalleled. With a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colour options available, you have the freedom to tailor the balloons to match your specific event, theme, and branding. We have you covered whether you need round, star, or heart-shaped balloons. Our cutting-edge printing techniques allow for detailed photo-quality printing, ensuring your logos, images, and messages are reproduced with stunning clarity. From corporate logos to event-specific designs, we can create customised balloons that perfectly align with your branding. With this level of versatility and customisation, your balloons will seamlessly match your event and be as unique as your brand.

Elevate your corporate branding with custom foil balloons!

Ready to make a lasting impression at your next corporate event? Our custom foil balloons are the perfect choice to showcase your brand vibrantly and unforgettably. Share your branding in crystal clear full colour and complete your event’s aesthetic with impactful foil balloons. Contact us today to discuss your custom foil balloon needs, and let’s make your corporate event shine!

Custom printed foil balloons FAQs

Are your foil balloons eco-friendly?Β 

Yes. Our foil balloons are eco-friendly as they can be recycled through our nationwide recycling scheme. We are committed to doing our part for the environment. That is why as well as our foil balloon recycling scheme, our custom-printed latex balloons are 100% natural rubber latex with a 2-year biodegradable cycle. 

Can Balloons Galore install my custom-printed foil balloons?

Absolutely. We would love to. We can install your foil balloons as part of our nationwide installation and balloon decor service. Seeing our balloons at work in person is always a joy. We would love to help bring your event to life by bringing our decades of experience (and high-quality balloons) to your venue.

Can I make changes to my printed foil balloons?

Of course. After we receive your artwork, we send you a visual. You are free to request changes up until the visual is approved. We have the balloons and printing technology to make your designs a reality. Let’s ensure those designs are perfect.